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Are there truffles in Surrey?

Most people associate truffle hunting with countries like Italy and France, with their time-honoured traditions and rich culinary landscapes. But surprisingly, the UK is emerging as a significant truffle territory, particularly Surrey. Although not as well-known as their European counterparts, truffles in Surrey offer a unique flavour that is gaining recognition among gourmet connoisseurs.

Truffles in the United Kingdom

Truffles have been found throughout the UK for centuries, with historical records dating back to the 17th century. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in British truffles due to climate change and increased demand for locally sourced produce. Surrey, with its chalky soils and beech woodlands, offers particularly suitable conditions for the growth of truffles, particularly the summer or burgundy truffle (Tuber aestivum/uncinatum).

Are there truffles in Surrey?

Surrey truffles, much like their Mediterranean counterparts, are fungi that grow underground in close symbiotic relationship with certain types of trees, most commonly beech, hazel, and oak. They are typically found at the base of these trees, a few centimetres beneath the soil. Truffle dogs, trained to sniff out the truffles, are often used in Surrey for their foraging expeditions.

These truffles tend to have a subtle aroma compared to the more potent Italian or French varieties, with delicate flavours that have been described as nutty or earthy, with hints of mushroom.

Truffle Hunting in Surrey

Interest in truffle hunting has been growing in Surrey, and there are several guided truffle hunting experiences available for those interested in learning about this fascinating pursuit. These tours typically involve a walk through Surrey’s scenic woodlands with a trained truffle dog, learning about the ecology of truffles, how to find them, and how to use them in cooking.

Challenges and Conservation

Despite the potential of truffle production in Surrey, there are challenges to consider. Climate change, land use changes, and other ecological factors can impact truffle growth. Efforts are ongoing to understand and mitigate these issues, aiming to promote sustainable truffle harvesting in Surrey and throughout the UK.


While Surrey may not be the first place that springs to mind when one thinks of truffles, this county in the Southeast of England is carving out a niche in the gourmet world. With a growing appreciation for local produce and sustainable farming practices, it’s possible that Surrey truffles could become a more common sight in British gastronomy. In the meantime, truffle enthusiasts can take to the woods of Surrey for a unique foraging experience, right in the heart of the UK.

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